Yamaha F70aetl 70hp Lengthy Shaft Outboard

Yamaha F70aetl 70hp Lengthy Shaft Outboard

This prevents your outboard engine being taken for an unauthorised joyride, providing you peace of mind when leaving your boat unattended. The F70A outboard engine is compact, lightweight, simply maintained and serviced, and like all present Yammies has a confirmed reputation for survival in a marine setting. Both engines refused to ventilate by way of tight turns at 4000rpm regardless of operating alloy props and even at extensive open throttle had been quiet.

Yamaha’s typical digital multi-operate gauges present the true-time information required to maximise outboard efficiency and gasoline efficiency. The two and three gauge illuminated display options provide rpm, trim, oil, velocity, distance, time, overheating, battery, gas financial system/move/consumption stats. With the latest technologies, ergonomic design and options, Yamaha’s elective Multi-Function Tiller Handle delivers effortless control, maneuverability and luxury. Trim, shift, throttle, cease swap, variable trolling and integrated overheating and low oil pressure warning alerts are all constructed into the handle. So the 70hp has power-to-weight ratios that make it the best selection for a wide range of boats.

yamaha 70 hp outboard

Yamaha’s push-button trim control makes engine trim and tilt adjustments fast, easy and straightforward, across a large trim vary. The negative trim settings enable for improved acceleration and the flexibility to deliver the boat onto the aircraft extra quickly. Yamaha’s distinctive Y-COP immobiliser system is an easy, simple to use and extremely efficient possibility – the neat and easy remote control locks and unlocks the engine on the push of a button.


To help you in your search for the best Yamaha 50 to ninety nine horsepower engine, you could have this data to make the search easier. This sort of boat motor works with a compression stroke and an explosion stroke. When youre getting ready to head out onto the water, you have to make certain that your engine wont allow you to down. There are many Yamaha complete outboard boat engines you could equip yourself with.

PRECISE THROTTLE CONTROLAll air coming into the engine block of Yamaha’s new F70 four stroke is routed by way of a single throttle valve, to make sure the exact amount of air essential for optimum power and gas effectivity. It then enters each cylinder via individual long intake tracks, that are ‘pulse tuned’ to offer air at the exact volume and timing for optimum density and energy. The engine is lighter than any aggressive four stroke or direct injected two stroke motor within the 70 – 75 horsepower class. The F70 achieves this by its unique 4 valves per cylinder design activated by a single overhead camshaft somewhat than the standard twin camshaft design for sixteen valve engines. This reduces the weight that might end result from having an extra camshaft and the elements that go along with it. The new F70 is a further development of the F60, sharing the same displacement and stroke.

Yamaha 4 Stroke 70hp Outboard Engine

For leisure, pleasure or hard commercial work, the exciting 70hp delivers you the peerlessly proportioned, light-weight energy package. It continually displays knowledge inputs and settings, ensuring smooth working and optimised ignition timings – as well as routinely activating warning lamps and safety methods. A useful pc access port permits an authorised Yamaha supplier to diagnose any problems.

In fact, the F70 is the lightest, strongest 4-stroke in its class. POWERFUL HOLE SHOTA Composite Intake Manifold features lengthy tube intake tracks, tuned to increase airflow, which boost low-end and midrange torque. Even with all this responsive power, an air silencer field and surge tank cut back air consumption noise and air turbulence for smooth, quiet operation. These props deliver Yamaha’s excessive-high quality design and performance in a low-cost, light-weight propeller.

LIGHTEST WEIGHT IN CLASSFrom the specially designed engine block to the two-piece higher case, every ounce of weight financial savings has been realized for optimum efficiency with out sacrificing sturdiness. Yamaha’s new F70 is not only the lightest 4 stroke 70 horsepower outboard, it’s even lighter than aggressive two stroke direct-injected outboards. As air enters the F70, it’s routed by way of a single throttle valve, to make sure the precise amount of air needed for optimum energy and fuel efficiency. It then enters every cylinder through individual lengthy intake tracks, which are ‘pulse tuned’ to offer air at the precise quantity and timing for optimum density and energy.

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